About Us  

Who we are

Strasburger Enterprises, Inc. is a privately-held, highly diversified company based in Central Texas.  With interests in real estate, farming and ranching, insurance and banking, and the travel industry.


We have worked in dozens of countries in North, South and Central America, Australia, Asia, and throughout Europe.  Whatever the challenge, wherever the location, we have applied winning solutions everywhere in the world.  Strasburger has assisted clients with major growth opportunities, opening an average of one store per day for one major oil company client; we have directed or provided guidance on turnarounds, stemming losses of major proportions; and we have assisted still others in start-up operations.  We can build it, we can fix it, or we can maintain it.  And most of our clients have found that we can do it at less cost than they could do it themselves.  It's all about understanding the business and the environment, creating strategies and tactics, then executing flawlessly.